The Betty Cares Foundation provide Betty Cares Packs to vulnerable women in hospital and refuge care around Australia and New Zealand. The women that receive the clothing packs are often victims of drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, sexual assault or domestic violence. They are admitted into hospital during serious illness, pregnancy complications, labour, or after suffering a violent attack.

The Foundation is funded from a 5% donation of profits from wholesale sales of the Betty Basics Essentials Range.

As a fashion label that has been around for 20 years, we are an organisation that truly values the positive influence that comfortable and well-made clothing can have on women.

In 2016, Betty Basics began working in partnership with the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne; donating spare clothes to their social work and nursing departments to gift to vulnerable women in their care. Following the overwhelming success of this partnership, we initiated the Betty Cares Foundation. The simple gift of clothing evolved into Betty Cares Packs - a drawstring canvas bag with a comfortable top, pants, cardigan and 3 pairs of underwear enclosed inside. The clothes donated are from Betty Basics range.

"The sense of well-being and dignity that comfortable, well-made clothing can make for women is immeasurable"

Penelope Vye
Chief Social Worker
Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne

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